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Record Classifications - Discipline, Period, Term and Nationality Categories

Discipline, period, term and nationality categories are provided to augment alphabetic, geographic and electronic word searches.

Record classifications are catalogued and posted along with the registration of new, or editing of existing, image, exhibition, museum, gallery-dealer and artist records. Once registered, posted information may be edited, and new records may be added, at any time.

Additional Information - To provide a comprehensive and easy to use registration/editing interface, two of the library's online registration forms, Affiliations and group Exhibitions, do not include sections for classifying discipline, period, term and nationality categories for each individual artist, gallery-dealer or museum referenced. Discipline, period, term and nationality record classification sections are included on the registration form for exhibitions, however, the classifications are specific to the exhibition, not, for example, each individual artist in the exhibition. Similarly, the Affiliations registration form has two distinct functions, (1) to add, amend or remove associations, and (2) to further define the affiliation, for example, a) Representing, b) Exhibiting/Offering Work, c) Permanent Collection.

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