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Billing and Payment Options

An invoice/receipt that includes a reference number, the registration-processing fee and payment options is automatically generated upon completion of each online registration form.

The library utilizes secure Web encryption maintained by VeriSign, to process credit cards, (American Express - MasterCard - Visa), and accepts checks or money orders, payable in US currency and drawn on a US bank. Registered information is processed upon receipt of payment and posted online 24-72 hours. To expedite the processing of regular transactions, registrants may contact the library to arrange to have  their credit card account information kept on file.

Please note, if you notice a mistake after submitting a registration form you can simply complete a new form, or contact us if you need assistance.

Single Additions:

The registration-processing fee is posted on each registration form. To review a detailed list of the library's online publication and distribution services and rates see Subsidized Services and Rates.

Group Rates:

Registrants may contact the library to arrange for annual, seasonal or other group discount rates and options.

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