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Javier Marchan
Cuts, Folds and Abstractions (of Softness)
Paper, Edition of 10


MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art

Cuts, Folds and Abstractions (of Softness)
From the series: SoftSoftSoft

Design Showcases, Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna,  MAK Center for Art and Arquitecture, Los Angeles, 2004

The installation, Cuts, Folds and Abstractions (of Softness), is the result of a visual research dialogue between the artist with the British designers, Pretty. Starting out from a collection of patterns and drawings on paper, the material evolves between geometric notions of concavity, convexity and flatness in order to break free into a unique journey of spatio-temporal abstraction. This journey offers 21 visual propositions. However bound by realistc details--the volume of a chair, the contour of a city, the shape of a door, for example--these propositions nevertheless remain models indicating the difference between representation and what is represented. Their own interconnectedness--patterns introduced again into new folds or cuts--together with their shortlivedness--structures positioned to undergo a process of alteration in time--seem to propose aesthetic judgment as a temporal decision. Every reading is bound to change according to the particularities of each moment.

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