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Javier Marchan
SoftSoftSoft Digital Film
Digital Film, colour, 18.50 minutes, (English language with German subtitles)

Office for Videoart

A carnivorous plant that grows at a monstrous speed, two orange juice squeezers from the dematerialised Soft series, a ‘Save The Turkey’ Campaign ­ these are just three of many ingredients that Simone, Juliet and Mimosa have to battle with in order to set themselves apart. Will they make it through the next 18.50 minutes?

The SoftSoftSoft digital film is part of the acclaimed  SoftSoftSoft Series © Javier Marchan 2004(mixed/new-media) outcome of an international research project on people’s relationship with the world of objects. The work has been produced with the participation of Jan Van Eyck Academie and the processes of a cell of sixty-nine individuals from around the world. 

Distributed by ­ Office for Videoart, Switzerland. / Office for Videoart / Büro für videokunstangelegenheiten license the digital film  SoftSoftSoft for performance to selective worldwide museums and institutions with the approval of the artist. In addition, an unlimited edition of DVDs is made available to the general public without public performance rights.

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