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Dominic Angerame
Waifen Maiden

16 x 20 inches

Canyon Cinema

Waifen Maiden was printed from a single frame of the 16mm film, Waifen Maiden, ca. 2003, (black and white/color, sound, 40 seconds). The film has been screened at the following venues:

Reed College, Portland, OR, 2004
College of the Atlantic, ME, 2004
Southwest Film Center, NM, 2004
Kent State University, OH, 2004
Cleveland Institute of the Art, OH, 2004
City Club Cinema, MN, 2004
University of California, Davis, 2004
Foothill College, CA 2004
Cincinnati Film Society, OH, 2004
Capri Theatre, AL, 2004
Aurora Picture Show, TX, 2004
Buskirk-Chumley Theatre, IN, 2004
Film Theatre at U.I.C.A. MI, 2004
University of Tennessee, TN, 2004
Delta Film Works, LA, 2004
Detroit Film Theatre, MI, 2004
Pittsburgh Filmmakers, PA, 2004
Union Theatre, WI, 2004
Cornell Cinema, NY, 2004
Ithaca College, NY, 2004
Central Michigan University, MI, 2004
Rhode Island School of Design, RI, 2004
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, IN, 2004
San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco 2003
303 Club, San Francisco 2003
Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco 2003
Robert Beck Memorial Theatre, New York City 2003


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Dominic Angerame, American, (1949- )
b. October 7, 1949, Albany, NY

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