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Christiane Robbins
I-5 Passing Lane (working title)
Digital print

48 x 60 inches

From the series: I-5 Passing Lane

The digital image is from the project I-5 Passing Lane —  which is a journey ... a journey across disciplines, across cultural discourses, across regional perspectives and across California itself.  Using the ubiquitous mythos of the road trip, documentary and fictional narrative traversing the brave new world of the Interstate 5 corridor between the San Francisco Bay area and the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area.  I-5 Passing Lane captures a unique, synergistic moment ­ the unprecedented expansion of urban / suburban populations into the agrarian landscape, the rapid adoption of Bluetooth mobile devices, and widespread influence of wireless and locative technologies across our topographies.

I-5 Passing Lane (working title), 2004 is a limited edition digital print.

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