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Christiane Robbins
Mirage #77
Digital print

48 x 60 inches

Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
From the series: Mirage (from the Project: Blue Screen_MOTO)

The Mirage Series, v1.0 premiere's as part of  the C.O.L.A.2003 Individual Artist Fellowships Exhibition at LA’s Barnsdall Art Park.  Robbin's  Blue Screen_MOTO is a cross disciplinary and multi-faceted project with its primary focus upon  a series of large scale digitally rendered images - The Mirage Series, as well and the creation of a virtual performance space.  Based upon the narrative complexities and geometric topologies of the world(s) in which we find ourselves living, Blue Screen_MOTO considers the collision of our material, cinematic, virtual  and telematic conditions through Frank Gehry's latest architectural project in Los Angeles, the Disney Concert Hall.  The two phases to this digitally-based project will unfold at various stages throughout 2003-05.

Mirage #77, 2001-03 is a limited edition digital print.

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