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Thomas Schutte
United Enemies

Installation View
Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Photo: Serge Hasenböhler © Thomas Schütte

Moderna Museet

Thomas Schütte: United Enemies
8.10 2016 – 15.1 2017
Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Excerpt from Moderna Museet, Stockholm:

Schütte often works serially. Over the years, he has built a repertoire of motifs, shapes and themes that he revisits, develops and adapts to different dimensions or unexpected materials. The large sculptures United Enemies (2011) are based on a series of eponymous works on a considerably smaller scale that he began making in 1992. These small three-legged figures were dressed in fabric and tied together two and two before being placed under bell jars on plinths. The figures are each other’s prisoners – united enemies. In 2011, nearly twenty years later, when Thomas Schütte returned to this motif, he enlarged the “enemies” to larger than life size. The figures in the new series have got down from their pedestals and turned into grotesque giants cast in one of the most tradition-laden materials in art history – bronze.

Continued, Moderna Museet, Stockholm


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Thomas Schütte, German, (1954- )
b. November 16, 1954, Oldenburg, Germany

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