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Everett Shinn
Fifth Avenue
Pastel on paper

12 3/8 x 15 1/4 inches
Gift of Samuel A. Lewisohn

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Excerpt from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York:

Always fascinated by the urban spectacle, Everett Shinn here captured the misty atmosphere of a rainy day along New York City’s Fifth Avenue with broad strokes of thinly layered pastels in a muted palette. The stark silhouette of a couple dressed in black stands out against the sketchily rendered surroundings. Buildings and other forms appear dematerialized in the hazy effects of inclement weather, although the distinctive triangular profile of the Flatiron Building is still recognizable.


Everett Shinn, American, (1876–1953)
b. November 6, 1876,  Woodstown, NJ
d. 1953

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