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Robert Colescott
Havana Corona
Acrylic on canvas

78 1/2 x 59 inches
Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Brooke and Carolyn Alexander, 1991.270. © artist or artists estate (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 1991.270_SL1.jpg)

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Excerpt from the Brooklyn Museum:

"In the late sixties I was thinking about the triumph of the Cuban people over imperialism and U.S. dominance—the effort is here "crowned" (Corona). But Corona is also a famous cigar from Havana that is desired (and now missed) by affluent Yankees—so struggle, victory, and contradictions are part of the idea. I was working my way out of a more lyrical and abstract view of figuration at the time toward a more socially-politically oriented idiom, hoping to find a way to maintain a formally strong image. . . . This painting is in transition. . . . The form is evolving toward artistic and social relevancy. The painting has particular interest to me since it straddles these objectives and balances precariously, one foot in each world."

-Robert Colescott (1992)


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Robert Colescott, American, (1925-2009)
b. August 26, 1925, Oakland, CA
d. 2009

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