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Kerry James Marshall
Untitled (Studio)
Acrylic on PVC panels

83 5/16 x 119 1/4 inches
Purchase, The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Foundation Gift, Acquisitions Fund and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Multicultural Audience Development Initiative Gift, 2015 © Kerry James Marshall

Metropolitan Museum of Art


Additional Information

Collection Record, Metropolitan Museum of Art:
Kerry James Marshall, Untitled (Studio), 2014, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


London. David Zwirner. "Kerry James Marshall: Look See," October 11–November 22, 2014, unnumbered cat. (pp. 44–45)

Excerpt from David Zwirner Gallery, Kerry James Marshall: Look See (Press Release):

"In the large-scale Untitled (Studio), Marshall depicts the process of a model having her portrait painted. The messy paints smattered across the table, floor, and even the resting dog further offer a metaphor for the staged nature of each of the works. The sense of fabrication is underscored by the unconventional clothing worn by most of the characters, created for the series as for a play or a movie. Yet while their peculiar combination of realism and fiction can be seen to connect the works conceptually—and also defines an immediacy rarely found in contemporary painting—each retains a singularity that seems to suggest that nothing has come before it."

Exhibition Publication: Kerry James Marshall: Look See:

    Publisher: David Zwirner Books
    Artist(s): Kerry James Marshall
    Contributor(s): Robert Storr, Angela Choon
    Designer: Jason Pickleman, JNL Design
    Printer: Studio Fasoli, Verona, Italy
    Publication Date: 2015
    Binding: Hardcover
    Dimensions: 10 x 12 in (25.4 x 30.5 cm)
    Pages: 112
    Reproductions: 74 color
    ISBN: 9781941701089


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Kerry James Marshall, American, (1955- )
b. October 17, 1955, Birmingham, AL

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