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Ray Johnson
Book of the Month (detail)
Ink on paper

Dimesions variable

Museum of Modern Art, New York

Detail view: Ray Johnson, Book of the Month, 1956
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Small promotional booklet called “Book of the Month” by Ray Johnson (1956) Part of the MoMA Library show - Ray Johnson Designs, July 2-September 28, 2014. -ds [See MoMA Library Tumblr]

Excerpt from Ray Johnson Estate:

Ray Johnson Designs
The Museum of Modern Art Library
July 2 - September 29, 2014

The art of Ray Johnson was rooted in his constant practice of correspondence. He dispersed a copious amount of collages and other printed matter through the mail to friends and colleagues. The Museum of Modern Art Library received materials in the mail from Ray Johnson from the 1950s until his death in 1995. This exhibition focuses on Johnson’s early printed materials, especially his promotional flyers for his work as a graphic designer and illustrator. These flyers were some of the first materials that the MoMA Library received from Johnson and they prefigure the graphic motifs and word play that remained central to his later art work. Publications that included
Johnson’s design work from this period, including book jacket designs for publishers such as New Directions, The Jargon Society, and City Lights, are also featured.

For more information, click here. Preview works from the MoMA collection that will be in the exhibition on the MoMA Library Tumblr  here.


Raymond Edward "Ray" Johnson, American, (1927-1995)
b. October 16, 1927, Detroit, MI
d. 1995

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