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Elias Gottlob Haussmann
Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach
Oil on canvas

78 x 61 cm
Bach Archiv Leipzig, Gift of William H. Scheide

Bach Archiv Leipzig, Bach Museum

Excerpt from Leipzig Bach Archive and the Bach Museum:

Introduction: The House of Bach’s friends
The historic Bose House, the present site of the Leipzig Bach Archive and the Bach Museum, is one of the oldest buildings on the square outside St Thomas’s Church. In Bach’s day it was the residence of the Bose family – affluent merchants and close friends of the Bachs. The Bach family lived just across the street in the old St Thomas’s School (which was demolished in 1902).
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[News About This Painting: Painting of Johann Sebastian Bach returns home to Leipzig, Kate Connolly, Leipzig, Friday 12 June 2015, The Guardian.]

History and Music of Johann Sebastian Bach
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Johann Sebastian Bach
b. March 21, 1685, Eisenach
d. 1750, Leipzig

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