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Maya Lin
2 x 4 Landscape
SFI certified wood 2 x 4s

120 x 640 x 420 inches
© Maya Lin Studio, courtesy Pace Gallery

Orlando Museum of Art

Maya Lin
2 x 4 Landscape, 2006

Maya Lin: A History of Water
Orlando Museum of Art

Excerpt from Orlando Museum of Art:

Three works in this exhibition, Waterline, Flow and 2x4 Landscape are room-sized sculptural installations that create dramatic physical and psychological encounters for the viewer. Waterline is an immersive three- dimensional drawing that visitors can enter and explore. The lines, made with thin aluminum elements suspended in the gallery, depict the contours of immense mountains that rise from the ocean floor in the remote south Atlantic. Flow and 2x4 Landscape are each made with thousands of 2x4 boards assembled with their cut ends up. The flat rectangular ends have the appearance of pixel-like data points that collectively become monumental physical forms. Flow represents a succession of waves that progressively rise and dissipate over a span of 35 feet. 2x4 Landscape is an immense 2,400 square foot mound that rises to a height of 10 feet and can be interpreted as a hill or wave.
See entire exhibition documentation at Orlando Museum of Art:

Exhibition Reviews:

In A History of Water, Maya Lin applies architectural solutions to ecological problems
By Richard Reep, Orlando Weekly, March 4, 2015

Curious how that huge Maya Lin installation came together? Check out how it comes apart
[Multiple de-installation views at Orlando Museum of Art]
By Jessica Bryce Young, Orlando Weekly, May 12, 2015


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Maya Lin, American, (1959- )
b. October 5, 1959, Athens, OH

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