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Jean-François Millet
Haystacks: Autumn
ca. 1874
Oil on canvas

33 1/2 x 43 3/8 inches
Bequest of Lillian S. Timken, 1959

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Excerpt from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York:

This picture is from a series depicting the four seasons commissioned in 1868 by the industrialist Frédéric Hartmann. Millet worked on the paintings intermittently for the next seven years. In Autumn, with the harvest finished, the gleaners have departed and the sheep are left to graze. Beyond the haystacks lie the plain of Chailly and the rooftops of Barbizon. The loose, sketchlike finish of this work is characteristic of Millet’s late style: patches of the dark lilac-pink ground color are deliberately exposed, and the underdrawing is visible, particularly in the outlines of the haystacks and the sheep.

Additional Information:

Nineteenth-Century French Realism
Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Selected Exhibitions:

New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Barbizon: French Landscapes of the Nineteenth Century," February 4–May 10, 1992.

Paris. Musée d’Orsay. "Millet/Van Gogh," September 14, 1998–January 3, 1999.

Complete exhibition record: Haystacks: Autumn The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


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Jean-François Millet, French, (1814-1875)
b. October 4, 1814, Gruchy, Normandy
d. 1875

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