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Jack Goldstein

101 1/2 x 24 x 21 3/4 inches
Courtesy of the Jack Goldstein Estate and 1301PE, Los Angeles

Pomona College Museum of Art


It Happened at Pomona: Art at the Edge of Los Angeles 1969–1973
Pomona College Museum of Art, Claremont, CA

Excerpt from Pomona College Museum of Art, It Happened at Pomona: Art at the Edge of Los Angeles 1969–1973, "Exhibition Walk Through" [PDF]:

Jack Goldstein
Untitled, 1969–71
101 1/2× 24 × 21 3/4 in. (257.8 × 61 × 55.2 cm)
Courtesy of the Jack Goldstein Estate and 1301PE, Los Angeles

Another highlight of the second exhibition will be the bringing together of multile works of art from the original Pomona solo exhibitions of Jack Goldstein, William Wegman, and Allen Ruppersberg. In each case, works which have rarely or never been exhibited since their creation and works that have never been seen together since their original exhibition will be featured. For his solo exhibition at Pomona, Goldstein exhibited a series of geometric constructions composed of wooden planks, nails, glass, and photographic paper.  Part of a larger body of works that were primarily composed in the studio solely to be photographed before being broken down and reassembled into the next work in the series, Goldstein’s sculptures provide a more temporal understanding of how compositional forms can allude to images that do not necessarily appear in their material expressions, but through subtle references become images in the minds of viewers.

While Goldstein’s sculptures have been all but forgotten, by his own testimony the sculptures were instrumental in shaping his approach to his films, which are seen as a cornerstone of the Pictures Generation a selection of films will be screened during the exhibition in Lyman Auditorium. The early photographic and video works by William Wegman will be featured in the smaller West Gallery with some work from Allen Ruppersberg’s solo exhibition. Together with the works in the Museum, these selections will bring out the dead-pan, language-based humor that would go on to characterize much of the Pictures Generation’s work, and that is traditionally associated with Baldessari’s influence.

The extraordinary works championed by Glicksman and Winer were shown within an equally extraordinary community of arts faculty and students at Pomona.  The period covered by this exhibition roughly equates with a renaissance in Pomona’s arts community that can be traced to Mowry Baden’s hiring as chairman of the art department in 1968, and which ended, in 1973, with the mass resignation of the arts faculty in protest over, among other causes, Helene Winer’s dismissal from the Museum. During this period, Pomona faculty James Turrell was performing his first ganzfeld experiments, Lewis Baltz was creating his legendary Tract Houses series, and Mowry Baden was creating interactive sculpture that would have a profound effect on his students, among them Chris Burden. 


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Jack Goldstein, American, (1945-2003)
b. September 27, 1945, Montreal, PQ
d. 2003

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