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Dennis Oppenheim
Reading Position for Second Degree Burn
Book, skin, solar energy. Exposure time: 5 hours. Jones Beach, New York; Color photography and text

85 x 60 inches

Notes from the exhibition Dennis Oppenheim: Land and Body, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin:

The exhibition illustrates the extraordinary cohesive development and diversity of Oppenheim’s work, more especially the transition from Land to Body art in the early 1970s. This period saw the artists focus of interest move from the macrocosm to microcosm, from the earth to the body and its endangerment and to the body as a means of accessing the mind. In Reading Position for Second Degree Burn, 1970, Oppenheim lay in the sun for five hours bare-chested except for an open book on his chest. He described the piece as having its roots "in a notion of colour change. I allowed myself to be painted, my skin became pigment."


Dennis Oppenheim, American, (1938-2011)
b. September 6, 1938, Electric City, WA
d. 2011

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