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Nancy Spero
Thou Shalt Not Kill, plate VI from the portfolio The Ten Commandments
Lithograph and letterpress

23 11/16 x 17 13/16 inches
Gift of Art Issue Editions, Inc.

Museum of Modern Art, New York

Additional Information:

Composition 23 11/16 x 17 13/16" (60.1 x 45.3 cm) sheet 23 11/16 x 17 13/16" (60 x 45.3 cm)


Excerpt from Art 21 Interview, Nancy Spero: Art as a Continuum:

"Over the years, the work has evolved from the more traditional oil painting or drawing format of either the rectangle or the square. My art—I have let it continue and extend. It’s an extension—where one might look at it and then have to move their whole body, if it’s long enough, because one can’t twist their head all the way around.

"I never thought of my work in terms of being radical, although I tried to make it radical—that is, to shift the premise of what goes for pictures on a wall. I wanted my work to say something other than the usual—the usual format for an artwork being a rectangle, a square, or anything flat, framed, and attached or hooked on the wall. That was accepted practice, mainline thinking. So, I decided to experiment—to extend the square or rectangle that was straight ahead of the viewer, and to have something that one would have to look at with peripheral vision engaged. Your eye wouldn’t just rest on the work right in front of you. You would have to get down and go look at it carefully. "

- Nancy Spero


Nancy Spero, American, (1926-2009)
b. August 24, 1926, Cleveland, OH
d. 2009

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