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Allan Kaprow
Private Parts
Videotape, (U-matic NTSC), color, 17:00

© Allan Kaprow Estate

Musée national d’art moderne - Centre Pompidou

Allan Kaprow, "Participation Performance," Artforum, v.15, March 1977, pp.24-29. Source:, 1977: Chronologie Performance, publié le 25 février 2015 par Olivier Lussac.


"Up to this point I contrasted audience participation theater in popular and art culture with participation performance relating to everyday routines. I’d like now to look more closely at this lifelike performance, beginning with how a  normal routine becomes the performance of a routine.

Consider certain common transactions – shaking hands, eating, saying goodbye – as ‘readymades’. Their only unusual feature will be the attentiveness brought to bear on them. They aren’t someone else’s routines that are to be observed, but one’s own, just as they happen."


Additional Information:

The Work: Allan Kaprow, Private Parts, 1977
Centre Pompidou, Paris

Allan Kaprow papers, 1940-1997
The J. Paul Getty Trust, Los Angeles

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Allan Kaprow, American, (1927-2006)
b. August 23, 1927, Atlantic City, NJ
d. 2006

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