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Alphonse Mucha
Maude Adams (1872–1953) as Joan of Arc
Oil on canvas

82 1/4 x 30 inches
Gift of A. J. Kobler, 1920

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Excerpt from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York:

Alphonse Mucha
Maude Adams (1872–1953) as Joan of Arc, 1909

Painted in Chicago in 1909, this picture depicts the American actress Maude Adams in the role of Joan of Arc in Friedrich Schillers Die Jungfrau von Orleans (The Maid of Orleans), in which she performed at Harvard University Stadium on June 22, 1909. The portrait was made specifically for the one-night gala performance and was displayed as a poster for the event. Mucha also designed the costumes and sets and supervised the direction. Afterwards, at the actress’s request, the painting served as the lobby poster for the Empire Theater in New York, where Adams regularly performed. Mucha designed the ornate, gilded frame.

Additional Information

Art Nouveau, Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Alphonse Mucha, Czech, (1860-1939)
b. July 24, 1860, Ivančice, Czech Republic
d. 1939

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