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Ryan Samuelson
Mind Under Matter (Detail)
Multimedia (metal, glass, plaster, resin, grout, spray paint, medicine, minerals/crystals, moss, wood, LED lights),Tritych each piece

50 x 22 inches
Terra Luminarium Gallery, 412 Main Street Beacon, NY

Windows on Main Street

Mind Under Matter (Detail view)

"Draw your Panic Attack" my therapist suggested. I laughed a little rudely not taking her seriously. How can a simple drawing possibly represent the insane explosion of terrifying emotions trapped in the claustrophobic walls of my mind? Years with this disorder resulted in severe depression which ultimately brought me to her office that day. With nothing to lose, her suggestion took root.

Through the medium of beautiful minerals contrasting distressed metals, this self portrait draws parallels between the creation of both minerals and anxiety disorders. Composed using basic principals of interior design to concurrently demonstrate my need to manipulate any interior environment. The intention being calm and controlled for the appearance of beauty and balance attempting to mask the psychological turmoil.

Minerals are created below the earths surface over many years of extreme pressure. Anxiety disorders can result from genetic predisposition combined with the mind under years of societal pressure.

Metals are extracted from mined mineral ores. The interior environment made of metal is in turn confining the mineral that created it. Similarly the modern day society that we have created has in turn anxiously confined us.

The small internal environment suspended from the wire is the fine line of delicate
internal balance I am trying to maintain between the appearance of beauty and
composure, and the explosively paralyzing grip of another attack.

- Ryan Samuelson, 2015

See: Installation View

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