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Barron Rachman
Nothing As Powerful as a Dog in the Sun
Chemically manipulated gelatin silver print

24 x 20 inches

Tepper Takayama Fine Arts
From the series: Chemical Paintings

Barron Rachman - Chemical Paintings

Barron Rachman’s current work expands on the journalistic idiom he has continually been exploring throughout his career. He uses black and white photography to expose political and cultural issues, often tense and suggestive of violence and isolation. These photographs, however, have been made in a spirit of hope and camaraderie.

Deepening his investigation of the human condition through aesthetic and technical experimentation, he brings together these images and elements of collage through the controlled application of a variety of photographic chemicals and light exposure to produce evocative, one-of-a-kind works. The work is detailed and labor intensive, and the results are one of a kind prints. 

This work represents a hybrid of the aesthetics employed in classical painting and traditional photography. Juxtaposing his own photographs allows them to interact with each other, opening up the visual field  to create dialogue and make space for the emergence of new meanings.  Applying chemicals to the photographic paper while controlling their exposure to light gives texture, dimension, and color to these images.  Rachman embraces the world of painting through alchemy in ways that echo the drips and brush strokes of abstract expressionism. Traditionally captured images of contemporary life are thus contextualized in an emotionally laden and aesthetically nuanced landscape.  The artist feels that these risk taking techniques bring new energy to his photography.

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