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David Hayes
Positive & Negative
Welded and painted steel, (22" height)

22 inches
Estate of David Hayes, Courtesy Kendall Fine Art

Excerpt from the artist’s website

David Hayes - Biography

Over the course of six decades, American modern master David Hayes produced a body of sculptural work that concerned itself with geometrically abstracting organic forms. His monumental outdoor sculptures contemplate the relationship between a work of art and the environment it occupies, and demonstrate the influence of teacher David Smith and friend Alexander Calder.

Born in 1931, Haye’s talent for aesthetics convinced his fifth grade teacher to push him towards a life of art. At 18, Hayes opted to attend college in order to expand his understanding of the creative process. He enrolled at Notre Dame, and upon graduation immediately pursued his masters in fine art from Indiana University. Indiana University had recently elected one of modernism’s sculptural leaders, David Smith, as a visiting artist. A powerful figure in the sculpture movement of the 50s and 60s, Smith was well known for his unique utilization of industrial materials to construct large scale objects in place of the more historically oriented sculptural processes of casting and carving. This serendipitous appointment proved to be a defining event for Hayes in his artistic development.


David Hayes , American, (1931-2013)
b. March 15, 1931, Hartford, CT
d. 2013

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