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Gerhard Richter
Six Gray Mirrors No. 884/1-6

Dia Art Foundation, Dia: Beacon

Excerpt from Dia Art Foundation, Dia: Beacon:

Six Gray Mirrors No. 884/1-6 - Introduction

Gerhard Richter exhibited his first signature works in a furniture store in Düsseldorf in 1963. A relatively recent immigrant to the West from the East German city of Dresden, where he had been born, raised, then trained as a painter, Richter demonstrated in this group of works, in a style he called "Capitalist Realism," a preoccupation with both the context in which painting was received and how that framing operated—physically, socially, historically, and conceptually. Photographs gleaned from newspapers and other popular sources, and snapshots from family albums, provided the point of departure for these early works, which explored ways in which photography, as the dominant visual language of the modern era, challenges and impacts upon the production and the reception of painting. Through questioning the role of painting, Richter also addressed an ocular-centrism now inextricably enmeshed with the spectacle, an issue that has become increasingly foregrounded in his art in recent years.

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Gerhard Richter, German, (1932– )
b. February 9, 1932,  Dresden

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