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Norman Rockwell
The Rookie, (Red Sox Locker Room)
Oil on canvas

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Excerpt from Museum of Fine Arts Boston:

Rockwell was best known for narrative images of seemingly everyday moments in American life—and baseball was a favorite subject. The painting’s celebration of America’s pastime captures catcher Sammy White (at lower left of painting) pitcher Frank Sullivan (No. 18), on the bench next to outfielder Jackie Jensen Ted Williams (center) and infielder Bill Goodman (far right), suppressing a smile. On the far left is a figure Rockwell called “John J. Anonymous,” an aspiring ballplayer who finally “made the team.” Figuring prominently in the work, dressed in a suit is the “rookie” (right of center), who was actually Sherman Safford—a local high school athlete from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, who was asked to model for Rockwell. Ted Williams was the only player who did not pose for the work Rockwell relied on baseball cards for the details of his face.


Norman Rockwell, American, (1894-1978)
b. February 3, 1894, New York
d. 1978

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