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Guarino Guarini
Cupola, The Royal Church of San Lorenzo

Inaugurated on May 12, 1680

Church of San Lorenzo

Excerpt from Church of San Lorenzo:

Church of San Lorenzo: Construction and Inauguration

In 1666, Duke Charles Emmanuel II invited Guarino Guarini, Teatine priest and architect, to Turin. Born in Modena in 1624, he joined the congregation of the priests of St. Gaetano, founder of the Order, when he was 15. He taught literature and philosophy in Messina and travelled to many European cities, including Lisbon and Paris to see the sites for his plans and study ancient architecture.

In 1666, the Duke of Savoy asked Guarini to build a new church dedicated to St. Lawrence.

The church was inaugurated on 12 May 1680, the construction of the complex structure having required a little over 13 years.

The lantern dome was closed and Guarino Guarini celebrated a Mass attended by the entire court of Savoy (as documented in the state archives) a Te Deum was sung in thanks, composed for the occasion by Giovan Battista Carisio.

Guarini died in Milan in 1683, aged 59.


Guarino Guarini, Italian, (1624-1683)
b. January 17, 1624, Modena, Italy
d. 1683

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