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Ginnie Gardiner
Oil on canvas

24 x 36 x 1.5 inches

From the series: Sunlit Stillness

With the sunlit stillness of her paintings, Gardiner seizes our attention and holds it with pictorial subtleties that show us, by stages, that stillness is not stasis. Presenting a precisely calibrated balance between figurative images and the harmonies of sheer form, each of her paintings oscillates between these two ways of seeing. Subliminal at first, this oscillation becomes conscious as we begin to see ourselves seeing. Encouraging us to be aware of how we make sense of the raw data of vision, Gardiner reminds us of our responsibility for the look—and the meaning—of our world.’ excerpt from ‘Sunlit Stillness: Ginnie Gardiner’s Transformative Vision,’ Carter Ratcliff, 2014

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