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Marilyn Henrion
Lodz Windows 1329
Mixed media

24 x 18 x .75 inches

From the series: Windows

My focus on windows in their various permutations has metaphorical implications that are not lost on this artist. From Renaissance paintings to cinema and cyberspace, the window has always been perceived as a mediator between spaces. Windows are the the visual bridge between inside and out. Though transparent, the window may serve as the barrier or the link between the viewer and the world outside. To those outside, it may reflect the world, or provide one with a glimpse of the inside. To those inside, it may shield one from the reality outside or offer a connection to it. The intimate life stories behind the windows are limitless, as are the events seen through the windows as they unfold throughout time. Much as Edward Hopper had done in the last century, I synthesize and transform the "facts" of the material world to reflect my own experience of a particular place. The hand quilted surface serves as my proxy  in presenting the subject as it is filtered through these experiences.

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