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Jacopo Pontormo
Portrait of a Musician
ca. 1518
Tempera on wood

88 x 67 inches

Uffizi Gallery

Excerpt from Uffizi Gallery, Florence:

Location: Uffizi Gallery Room 27 - The Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino Room

Painted around 1518. Formerly identified as the musician Francesco dell Ajolle. At the Uffizi since 1836.


Additional information:

Jacopo Pontormo, (Jacopo Carucci), Italian (1494-1557): Biography on Art in Context

Vasari, Giorgio. Lives of the Artists.
On Google Books: Vasari’s Lives of the Artists: Biographies of the Most Eminent Architects, Painters, and Sculptors of Italy


Jacopo Pontormo, (Jacopo Carucci), Italian (1494-1557)
b. May 24, 1494, Empoli, Italy
d. 1557

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