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Mary Scheier
Puerto Rican red stoneware

3 3/4 x 5 3/4 inches
(Edwin and Mary Scheier)

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Related Video Documentary:

Four Hands One Heart: Ed and Mary Scheier, is the film story of Americas "first couple of American studio pottery." The Scheiers began as WPA artists during the Depression, learned pottery in the Southern Highlands, and were brought to New Hampshire in 1940 to teach others how to make pottery. They went on to international fame as great American ceramic artists. Written and directed by Ken Browne, aired PBS - Iowa Public Television


Additional Information:

Edwin and Mary Scheier (American, born 1908)
Bowl, 1946, Collection: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mary Scheier, 99, Creator of Elegant Pottery, Is Dead, Heydarpour, Rofa, The New York Times, May 19, 2007

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Mary Scheier, American, (1908-2007)
b. May 9, 1908, Salem, VA
d. 2007

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