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Richard Diebenkorn
Ocean Park #54
Oil on canvas

100 x 81 inches
Gift of Friends of Gerald Nordland, ©Richard Diebenkorn Foundation

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Excerpt from San Francisco Museum of Modern Art:

Richard Diebenkorn, American, (1922-1993)
Ocean Park #54, 1972

Ocean Park #54 is part of a series of paintings Diebenkorn began in 1967 and continued for the next twenty years. The title refers to the Ocean Park section of Santa Monica, where the artist set up his studio after moving from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1966. The hazy light of Southern California is present in the soft, translucent colors of the painting. The scrapings beneath the overlapping layers of color, called pentimenti, are a visual record of the artists many changes of mind, offering a glimpse of his creative process.

Acquired 1972
Collection SFMOMA
Gift of Friends of Gerald Nordland
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
© Richard Diebenkorn Foundation


Richard Diebenkorn, American, (1922-1993)
b. April 22, 1922, Portland, OR
d. 1993

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