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Paul Henry
A Peasant Woman Resting
Graphite on paper

21.4 x 16.2 cm

National Gallery of Ireland

Excerpt from National Gallery of Ireland, Paul Henry:

Researching Paul Henry (1876-1958) at the National Gallery of Ireland

Despite Paul Henry being one of the most popular Irish artists, there are few books which address his career. One of the major monographs is authored by S. B. Kennedy (2003) with a full catalogue raisonné of the many works he produced of the west of Ireland, and which accompanied an exhibition held at the National Gallery of Ireland in 2003. A key rare book in the collection is Henry’s 1951 autobiography An Irish Portrait. Articles which analyse the artist’s idealised depiction of the west of Ireland include those by Síghle Bhreathnach-Lynch (Irish Arts Review, 1997) and S. B. Kennedy (Irish Arts Review, 2003).

The Centre for the Study of Irish Art holds the Paul Henry Archive Collection which includes correspondence and documents relating to the artists career, as well as beautiful original drawings by Henry for illustrations that were included in John Keats’ Isabella: or, the pot of basil, (1906). A copy of the book is also in the collection.

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Paul Henry, Irish, 1876-1958
b. April 11, 1876
d: 1958

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