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Unknown (Tibetan)
Mandala of a Wisdom
18th Century
Pigment on cotton

29 x 13 1/4 inches

Walters Art Museum, The

Excerpt from:
The Walters Art Museum, "Mandala of a Wisdom"

"This mandala shows a single goddess at the center. She might be the Wisdom Vajradakini, companion of the Great Empowered One (mahasiddha) Indrabhuti. She holds a chopper and a skull cup, like Vajravarahi and other Wisdoms. Note the weird activities in the circle of the eight cremation grounds, where buxom, goblin-like creatures frolic. In the lower left-hand corner, a monk of the Kagyu school reads a book. The landscape elements are typical of the Chinese-influenced styles of the 18th century.

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