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Mark Dion
Field Guide: Urban Wildlife Observation Unit

145 x 108 x 3 mm

Public Art Fund

Mark Dion, Urban Wildlife Observation Unit

"Working closely with scientists and non-art institutions, Mark Dion (b.1962, New Bedford, MA) mines the fields of ecology, botany, ethnography, and natural history museum displays in realizing his installations and sculptures. His long-standing interest in environmental issues has led him to create Urban Wildlife Observation Unit, a constructed urban ecological center that will allow park visitors to reexamine their surroundings by taking a closer look at the natural environment - the animals, bugs and trees - in Madison Square Park."

Excerpt from:
The Public Art Fund
Target Art in The Park, Madison Square Park, New York


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Mark Dion, American, (1961- )
b. August 28, 1961, New Bedford, MA

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