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Robert Firestone
Death Scene 4
Archival pigment print on canvas
Edition of 4
48 x 25 inches

Excerpted from review by Meredith Mendelsohn in ARTnews, March, 2007, page 148:

In Death Scene 4 (2006), a group of silhouettes stand before a crackling neon background that is likely formed by the branches of a tree.  The acid colors pulse with an unnatural energy, as though they might be about to engulf the dark forms.  At times the digitized spatters of paint recall the electrified colors and patterns of a brain scan.  The image could even be mistaken for a psychedelic album cover, but the title suggest that it's more of a graveside tableau.  It is intense and visceral, like the traces of a memory that can be felt but no longer pictured.

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