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Dana Sederowsky
Special Announcements

Duration: 14 minutes

Short synopsis:

We meet a transient messenger, an announcer with her eyes closed and her face showing no emotions, commenting on different topics using a strong vocal delivery, in which there seems to be a conversation both between herself and at the same time with other people. All body movements and speech are minutely directed.

The project revolves around Sederowsky´s current questioning of 
authorities and autocratic ways: the identification of proclaimers of 
truths and their (non-)reliability as proclaimers of truth. Questioning the fundamentals for rational "truth" is Sederowsky´s evergoing mission. She challenges both the way in which the producer presents her/himself in relation to the recipient, as well as the role of language and the performance of language communication via  media.

Sederowsky is the writer of the texts, the actor performing them and the director of the camera.

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