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Seamus Conlan
The Lost Children of Rwanda
A box collection of archival prints made available of all 25 photographs that made up the exhibit
Edition of 10
20 x 30 inches

From the series: The Lost Children of Rwanda

July 1, 1994; a collection of images of the children separated from their familes during the 1994 Rwandan War.  During the Rwandan war in 1994 Seamus Conlan brought together the resources of the United Nations Children's Fund, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Eastman Kodak and Life Magazine to help reunite more than 20,000 lost children with their parents, using photographic images. The process evolved into one of the largest travelling photo exhibitions in history and is now a standard form of tracing people in developing nations. This compilation image was just chosen by LIFE Magazine as one of the top 100 photos that changed the world.Seamus was later named the 16th most important person in photography by America Photo.

The orginal installation is 24 sets of 10 feet x 8 feet images measuring a total 240 feet long by 8 feet high.

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