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S. T. Woolf
Confluence; Courtyard, Stockyard, A&P
Wool, metal, wax

Size variable

The Brickbottom complex has a long and very active history. Originally the Millers, Mystic and Charles Rivers emptied into Boston Harbor in this area. The First Americans fished here regularly. Later the marshes were drained, and brickyards  manufactured Boston Blue clay bricks for many area buildings. Railways were built on the filled land and brought produce and livestock into the Boston markets through the Somerville stockyards. The buildings you see today were built as an A&P canning factory conveniently close to the rail yard.  Now we have a dynamic artist community creating very different products.

The objects in this installation are a reflection of the many uses the site has seen. They echo the livestock used in the factory, the cattle that grazed the marshes and the fish that were caught here.  They are ghosts of our heritage.

Installation at Brickbottom Arist Studios

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