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Javier Marchan
The Crown
Paper, (160 gram)

415 x 24 cm

Wall House Foundation
From the series: Elsewhere/Elders Wall House

The Crown (Colonnade) - Installation Javier Marchan; Architecture John Hejduk; Photograph Harold Koopmans

The Crown (Colonnade) Installation view Elsewhere/Elders, Javier Marchan 2006, Wall House

Six columns, serpentine arrangement, paper 160gr, glass, descending from 4.15 meters to 3.10 meters; serpentine geometry; naturally projecting 6 halo shapes on ceiling.

During his stay in the Wall House, Marchan became fascinated with the tension Hejduk summons up between the two and three dimensionality, a tension referred to by Marchan as the fourth dimension. Fascinating though the spatiality in the Wall House is, Marchan maintains that the building in essence is a two dimensional image, a still life. This tension, the fourth dimension, is what Marchan regards as the principal concept for his solo exhibition Elsewhere/Elders, together with the strong sense of symbolism Hejduk invokes in his work. Marchan produced a set of twelve silk screens '12 & the Secret Walkway' and a series of spatial installations of mixed media throughout John Hejduk's architecture.

For further reference and archive:
Wall House Foundation
Hofstraat 21, 9712 JA Groningen, The Netherlands
telephone: 31-615052513

Elsewhere - Javier Marchan
Wall House, the Netherlands
Janurary 22nd - March 12th, 2006

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