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Jory Gaunce
Rebirth 998th Time
Ink jet and acrylic on paper mounted on wood

13.5 x 21.5 "

"Combining computer generated images with the physical art and substanec of paint bridges the gap between tradition and the high tech monder cultures of today.

In the paintings there is a narrative though symbolic language. The visual narrative raises issues of transitions, accpetance, and the opening of opportunities in life.

The body of work deals with the idea of humen advancements and our spiritual awareness. The act of painting adds a history of human energy transferred to the picture plane by a brush stroke. The point and click action of the mouse is a dislocted human touch leaving no human energy trail. Working with the computer is Photoshop is dealt in logical movements, compared to the organic free thought of painting.

The Void and the Occupied." - Jory Gaunce

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