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Gustave Dore
The Neophyte
Oil on canvas

57.25 x 107.5 inches

Chrysler Museum of Art

Excerpt from: Chrysler Museum of Art:

This is a large horizontal oil on canvas painting. There are ten monks seated across the canvas in the foreground, with their knees pointing to the right. They wear white hooded tunics. Two look toward the viewer, an old man with a long beard appears to look over the viewers head, and the younger man in the center (the neophyte) makes eye contact with the viewer. He holds an open prayer book in his lap. The light appears to fall across these two faces, more than the others, which are buried in shadow. Some of the other monks are reading, some sleeping or deep in meditation, or praying the rosary.

Collection: Chrysler Museum of Art
Gift of Walter P. Chrysler, Jr.
© Do not reproduce without written permission.


Gustave Doré, (French)
b. January 6, 1832, Strasbourg, France
d. 1883

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