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Anne Diggory
Y2K Solution
Acrylic, canvas and plexiglass, triptych

25.5 x 23 " closed

Blue Mountain Gallery

"I had been thinking about the Y2K problem of computers suddenly  operating as if it were 1900 and wondering what would happen if  all of a sudden my brushes would only paint 1900-style paintings.  Which 1900? Homer, Cezanne or Matisse? I had started with the  idea of painting a more truly nineteenth century painting, but discovered as I painted the waterfall that while it is good to understand the past art, it is impossible (and undersirable?) to recapture that approach to landscape. I painted an imperfect  image of the past, with more modern elements and style intruding.  The modern layer was also difficult to formulate; in the end I decided that the technological computer imaging should be tempered with gestural abstraction, so that the past has a role. I used the computer to manipulate the waterfall image, adding text (the words "addition" and "subtraction") to form some of  the textures." - A. D.

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