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Rembrandt Peale
Michael Angelo and Emma Clara Peale
Oil on canvas

30 x 25 inches
Credit Line: Purchase, Dodge Fund, Dale T. Johnson Fund, and The Douglass Foundation, The Overbrook Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Max N. Berry, Barbara G. Fleischman, Mrs. Daniel Fraad, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lunder, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Martucci, and Erving and Joyce Wolf Gifts, 2000

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Rembrandt Peale, American, (1778–1860)
Michael Angelo and Emma Clara Peale, 1826

Peale’s studies of French Neoclassical painting during a sojourn in Paris (1808–10) helped him to break free from the British eighteenth-century conventions that he had learned from his portraitist father, Charles Willson Peale. Peales resplendent palette, along with his ability to render warm flesh tones, manipulate light, and emphasize textures suggests that while in France, he studied not only the works of modern painters, but also paintings by Rubens, Van Dyck, and other Baroque masters. Michael Angelo (1814–1833) and Emma Clara (1816–1839) were the youngest of the artist’s nine children.


Rembrandt Peale, American, (1778–1860)
b. February 22, 1778, Pennsylvania
d. 1860

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