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Holly Lane
An Italian Cypress Pondering the Advantages of Moving North
Basswood and poplar, 23 kt gold leaf, acrylic on masonite

9.75 x 9.75 x 3.75 "

Schmidt Bingham Gallery

"This piece grew from a drawing of an architectural detail on a 16th century guardhouse I sketched while in Colmar, France.  I do not know if English has a word for the experience of being lovesick for a place -- day dreaming about relocating, re-rooting to a place that quietly summons a return.  Until a better term presents itself, the best I can do is call this haunting, this ache: place longing.  Being attentively present on new ground: standing within new shapes, eyes filling with another sky, an unfamiliar wind grazing the skin, stirs dormant nerve endings and seems to awaken something that unknown to us, has laid quiescent within.  Consanguine with people, this Italian Cypress leans against a wall, dreaming of re-rooting elsewhere."  (H.L.)

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