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Terry Bailey
Two Missing for Tea
Iris Glicee Print, Edition of 50

18 x 25.5 inches
Digital Painting, Iris Glicee Print

From the series: Tea

Trained in traditional forms of painting, I now paint exclusively in the digital world.

"Two Missing for Tea" is one of the paintings in my Tea Series - a collection of paintings infused with politics, narrative and symbolism.

This painting is about the isolation of a bright and rebellious woman in our American patriarchy. The main character is separated from her girlfriends beside her and from the male world reflected above her in the mirror. The composition grid is that of a doorway leading into a sphere (the world). The main character's left eye is just peeking into the modern man's world above her, but she is confined in the doorway to that world (as defined by the borders of her chair). There are no women in the man's world of the mirror. And it is guarded by repeated Gargoyle heads on the far right and left at the bottom of the mirror. Her body is grounded in the feminine and old-fashioned world of her girlfriends, though space isolates her from them, too.

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