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Harriet Shorr
The Dream of the Window/Country
Oil on canvas

55 x 85 inches

Cheryl Pelavin Fine Art

This image is part of long-time realist, Harriet Shorr's, second solo exhibition with Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts.  In this show Harriet Shorr continues to explore the limits of the table-space of still life.

Two large canvases, "The Dream of the Window/Country" and "The Dream of the Window/City" are highlights of the show. The watery reflections of Shorr’s last exhibition are now replaced by window reflections. The artist makes no attempt to render the glass plane of the window, only the color and shapes of the forms reflected on it. She creates simultaneous "realities" which question the construct of "reality" itself.

Shorr not only finesses color, form and intellectual content, she also has a delightful visual sense of humor that lightly peeks through many of these images, something worth considering when viewing her thoughtful art.

Shorr is an acknowledged master of the hand-printing technique of monotype. Two of these large prints created in her studios and two large watercolors complete this exhibition by one of our most provocative realists.

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