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Jozef Bury
Anamnese 3.10.
Black and white photograph

47 x 47 cm

"In a photographic experience, which confronts the reality with the light-sensitive matter, there appears the ability of nature to produce its copy, picture, trace - depending on interpretation - anyway, an ability to record the time of the confrontation in a specific way. The awareness of such fact makes me, in a way, "suspend" the reality perceived by me, for I know that parallely there exists its another aspect; for another device, which also records and shows different results from those of mine. (…) During the perceptive experience, through all my senses I create pictures in memory, which seize to be visual, they rather became qualities that I could relate to the original, but now, what is the original, which piece of space-time?" - J. Bury, 1998, extract from "Photographic experience," pp. 20-23, in 2nd  International Art Meeting, Katowice’98. Catalogue.

"Pratique de l’altérité" Université François-Rabelais, Blois, (Fr.) 2002, Association Internationale de Sémiotique Visuelle - EIDOS.

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