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Eiichiro Sakata
ca. 1966-70
Gelatin silver print, Edition of 25

24 x 20 inches

Tepper Takayama Fine Arts
From the series: Just Wait..., Times Square, N.Y.

From a series of works photographed by Eiichiro Sakata during his period of residence in New York City from 1966 to 1970. With his Hasselblad camera masked with strips of black tape, a shabbily dressed and unkempt Sakata was able to photograph a diverse group of people and capture the essence of the broad ethnic and socio-economic mix on the streets of this legendary neighborhood.

Printed in:
24 x 20 inches
40 x 32 inches
90 x 90 cm, unique vintage prints

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan, 2004

"Amaranth," Edited by AERA, Asahi Shimbun, published by Asahi Shimbun, Japan

"Sakata," Edited by Nose Chieko, preface by Sayama Ichiro, published by Ryuko Tsuhin Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

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