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Schmidt Bingham Gallery

Holly Lane
- Additional Information -

The architectural niches and rhythmic motifs carved by Holly Lane echo and elucidate her stories of human culture and earth's natural order.

The atmospheric plays of light and shadow in her paintings, combined with the biomorphic look of her landscapes and the luscious depth of space in her skies and horizons, intimate a merging of physical space with psychological space: she doesn’t paint the scene outside her studio window, but rather a panorama of her thoughts and dreams. Jo Farb Hernandez, curator, "Small Miracles"

Holly Lane was born in Cleveland in 1954 and now lives in Santa Clara, California. She earned her M.F.A. in painting at San Jose State Univeristy and is a self-taught wood carver.

The complex character of each wood is unique, with each offering its own beguiling tactile pleasure. The creamy texture of basswood, the chocolaty sheen of black walnut, or the tight weight of maple, individually summons a different touch from my hand.

Following the thick patience of carving, the astonishment of color and nimbleness of paint is thrilling. A glaze of orange under-glow, a flick of blue in a shadowed volume, paint stroke by paint stroke, accumulates into a world under my hand.
H. Lane, "Walking on Wood"

This exhibition includes fourteen recent works.
Catalog available.

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