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Lennon, Weinberg, Inc.

Paul Waldman
- Additional Information -

This will be the first exhibition of Paul Waldman at the Lennon, Weinberg gallery. It will include six paintings and three sculptures. The paintings are four by six-foot diptychs, meticulously executed on smooth gesso surfaces. The sculptures are two-foot figures, either painted ceramic or cast bronze.

The paintings depict flat, gridded planes as the artist describes tiled marble surfaces of pale, cool, luminous hues or deep, white-veined green. Pairs of small figures - children with wings or horns, pointed ears or painted faces - inhabit the grids with attitudes of quiet self-absorption. The cherubic occupants of these serene, marbled places convey a sense of the exotic and the ancient while being entirely contemporary.

Waldman has been known to introduce seemingly extraneous elements into otherwise straightforward works, adding music or neon or a fan's breeze to a landscape painting or a wedge of body parts to a pristine monochrome panel. The new sculptures don't just stand there: a pudgy, winged boy spouts bubbles, a pubescent odalisque spews steam and a bronze sibling to Degas' little dancer emits short spurts of flame. These are deeply disquieting figures, beautiful and monstrous in equal measure, erotic and repellent, inert and alive.

Paul Waldman (b. 1936) has had fifteen solo shows in New York since 1963 at Allan Stone, Leo Castelli and Joseph Helman, among others, and his work has been included in numerous group exhibitions in galleries and museums nationally and abroad. He has traveled extensively in recent years in India, Ireland and Cuba.

Please contact the gallery for additional information.

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